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Here is a list of my open source projects created in the hope that they will be useful.

Sun and Moon Datasource Plugin for Grafana

The Sun and Moon Datasource Plugin for Grafana calculates the position of Sun and Moon as well as the Moon illumination for visualization with Grafana.


kasserver consists of a Python library and a few command line utilities to manage domains of the German web hosting provider through their KAS server API.


wireshark_remote provides scripts that simplify executing Wireshark to remotely capture network traffic (SSH or AVM FRITZ!Box).


atMETEO is a project for collecting and measuring weather related data from different sensors. The data is being collected by an ATmega based target and sent to a computer for further processing.


fritzcollectd is a plugin for collectd to monitor AVM FRITZ!Box routers.


This program allows you to synchronize your music library for the usage on primitive music players that don’t support the diversity of your collection.

Open source contributions

In addition to the projects above, here is a collection of open source contributions worth mentioning.

nymea Somfy integration

nymea is an open source smart home solution. I do own quite a few motors for blinds and shutters from Somfy, so I decided to implement support for them in nymea.

Kodi Media Center

Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is a popular open source media player application. As long time Kodi user, I’ve contributed various bug fixes and smaller features mainly in the area of PVR. Since January 2016 I’m an official member of Team-Kodi and have been working on Kodi’s CMake based build system.

MythTV PVR addon (pvr.mythtv.cmyth)

My involvement with Kodi (still called XBMC that time) started in 2012 with maintaining the first version of Kodi’s MythTV PVR plugin. The plugin supported MythTV 0.25 - 0.27 and was based on libcmyth.

The development of the plugin for MythTV 0.28+ is being continued by janbar as pvr.mythtv.

Jenkins Job Builder

Jenkins Job Builder is a tool that simplifies the configuration of Jenkins CI jobs. I’ve contributed the integration for the Valgrind and Clang scan-build publisher plugins that I’m using for some of the projects mentioned on this page.