An ATmega based weather station
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Sensors libraryTarget / platform independent functionality and algorithms such as sensor decoders and utilities for usage with C++
 Hideki RF 433 MHzSensors::HidekiSensor and Sensors::HidekiDevice decode data from wireless Hideki RF 433 MHz sensors
 RF SensorsUtilities for decoding sensor data from RF receivers such as demodulator and decoder
 Bit DecoderSensors::BitDecoder transforms continuous bit streams (for example from RF demodulation) into bytes
 DemodulatorSensors::Demodulator transforms continuous streams with pulse widths (for example from RF receivers) into bits
 RF DeviceSensors::RfDevice is the base template for RF receivers connecting Demodulator, Bit Decoder and Sensor
 SensorSensors::Sensor is the base class for sensor specific data decoding
 Figaro TGS 2600Sensors::Tgs2600 decodes data from Figaro TGS 2600 air contaminants sensors
 UtilitiesBit manipulation utilities
 Unit testsUnit tests for Sensors library
 Hardware/target specificAVR dependent code
 AVR C++ utilities libraryAVR dependent utilities for usage with C++
 Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)Wrapper for accessing built-in analog to digital conversion facilities
 Atomic executionUtilities for ensuring atomic / non atomic execution of code blocks
 BMP180 Digital pressure sensorAvr::Bmp180 decodes data from Bosch BMP180 Digital pressure sensors
 DHT22 Temperature / Humidity sensorAvr::Dht22 decodes data from DHT22 / AM2302 Temperature and Humidity sensors
 Ethernet moduleUtilities for Ethernet communication interfaces
 I2C (TWI) moduleWrapper for accessing built-in I2C (TWI) communication interfaces
 Interrupt handlingUtilities for interrupt service routines
 MLX90614 Infrared thermometerAvr::Mlx90614 decodes data from Melexis MLX90614 Infrared thermometer sensors
 Pin moduleWrapper for accessing digital I/O ports
 SPI moduleWrapper for accessing built-in SPI communication interface
 Timer moduleWrapper for accessing built-in timers facilities
 UART moduleWrapper for accessing built-in UART communication interfaces
 Main applicationThe main weather station application utilizing Sensors library and AVR C++ utilities library
 Supported targetsSupported targets
 ArduinoArduino (and compatible) boards
 Atmel ATmega DemonstratorAtmel ATmega Demonstrator by Stefan Frenz (University of Ulm)